Sell your Hino Truck and Get Paid Instant Cash

Hino Truck Salvage: We Buy Hino Trucks, We Sell Hino Parts

  • Are you looking to sell your scrap Hino truck?
  • Do you have a Hino that can no longer be repaired and is considered a wreck?
  • Does the process of removing your Hino is giving you so hard time and you seem to be stuck with it?

Hino Wreckers

It doesn’t matter which Hino model you have, because we buy each and every model of Hino truck that is on Australia roads. Call us and provide us with the details of your Hino truck such as year, model and any mechanical issues and you can guarantee that we will pay top cash for your Hino. Here are some of the models that you can sell and we will pay cash for it:

  • 617 – 300 Series
  • Dutro
  • Fb Ranger
  • Fc
  • Fc Tipper
  • Fe 1426 Medium Auto
  • Fg Ranger
  • Fm
  • Fs -700

So if you are wondering who to call for your Hino Wreckers service, call Brisbane truck wreckers and we will do all the work for you – from the valuation, documentation to towing or pickup all in just one day!

Hino Wreckers Brisbane, Queensland

Our aim is to supply you with the correct Hino spare part that you require. If we do not have quality used or reconditioned part in stock in our extensive auto wrecking yards then we will either find out who can supply you through our Australia network of Hino Wreckers or we will obtain used truck part at our discounted prices.

Hino Wreckers can source parts, panels, motors, gearboxes, lights, trim, trays – the list goes on. If you prefer new, we can source aftermarket parts for any make and model at competitive rates. Just contact us to inquire!

For trucks, we can stock tippers, trailers, fridge/freezer units, stock crates, trays with container pins, gates or curtain-sides.

Wrecking Hino Trucks for Cash

Truck Salvage is an expert Hino truck and Hino bus wreckers, based in Rocklea. We have professional towing specialists who will see to it that your old Hino is hauled off with care. Reach us at 0413 645 043 or drop us an email, and we will gladly assist you with your bus or truck removal needs. Getting a price quote and vehicle removal service from us is free of charge!

  • Hino 700
  • Hino Briska
  • Hino Blue Ribbon
  • Hino Fc Tipper
  • Hino Contessa
  • Hino Dutro
  • Hino 600
  • Hino Liesse
  • Hino Poncho
  • Hino Melpha
  • Hino Profia
  • Hino Ranger
  • Hino Rainbow
  • Hino S’elega
  • Hino TH-series

TRUCK SALVAGE is here to help you and your business out. When it seems that you are worried about having a Hino truck that doesn’t work anymore, know that it can not be the end yet. You just have to carefully select the people (or companies) that could help you. And proudly, Hino Wreckers could be that one. We provide top cash for trucks. We are Queensland’s leading truck buyers who can take that old Hino truck off your property.

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